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why sheetrocks?

SheetRocks is a unique platform that dramatically lowers the cost and complexity of building and maintaining custom applications.

Non-coders enjoy an accessible spreadsheet-based backend they can audit, analyze and maintain, while coders get a well documented API, serverless runtime, drop-in authentication system, and more.

No other platform combines the same level of user-friendliness and flexibility. It's perfect for interdisciplinary teams with unique problems specific to their industry or workflows.

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A Fast, Flexible, Familiar Spreadsheet Database

It Yours

25+ modules for complex scenarios – two times more than Airtable

Costs Down

Our innovative per-workbook pricing lets you onboard your whole team for just $15 / mo

With Ease

Precision byte-level optimization keep performance smooth for millions of rows

Referring to an illustration of's apps: Endless Connectivity; Integrate with over 1800+ applications from for pulling data, sending emails, and more. Referring to SheetRocks: Spreadsheet Backend; Funnel the data into SheetRocks where it can be easily edited, audited, analyzed, and shared

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Explore the latest in data analysis and spreadsheet UX enhancements. Gain insights from our experts to empower your team.

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API docs

Leverage our API for full control over your spreadsheet-backed apps. Detailed documentation to guide every step.

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on formulas

Master over 400 standard and unique SheetRocks formulas. Elevate your data manipulation with commands like GROUPBY, our take on pivot tables.

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