Dazzling Spreadsheet-Backed Apps

SheetRocks uses AI-accelerated development to build custom apps and workflows for your small business on top of our powerful spreadsheet platform.

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why sheetrocks?

Your business is unique: nobody else uses your particular constellation of tools, processes, and workflows. With SheetRocks, you can let your expertise shine with software that adapts to you, and not the other way around. Large corporations have long built custom applications to optimize their operations and impress their clients. With SheetRocks and AI-accelerated development, now small and medium sized businesses can enjoy the same advantages.

Spreadsheet-backed apps let you deliver a professional experience to your clients (or team) while keeping you in control.

Spreadsheets are the perfect foundation for this revolution: no other platform is as widely used and clearly understood!

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Our familiar spreadsheet interface is intuitive and easy to maintain
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AI-assisted coding on top of our proprietary software lowers development costs
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A collaborative design process ensures that the final product is exactly what you need
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After we hand off your app, you'll be able to maintain it and keep it updated, even if you can't code
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