SheetRocks' Approach To Security

     As we onboard new customers onto SheetRocks, our platform for building spreadsheet-backed apps, one of the questions we get the most often is, "Is it secure?" The short answer is, Yes! The long answer is, we take our customer's data very seriously, and have been investing heavily in security from the very beginning. Here are three reasons why SheetRocks is even more secure than more conventional architectures:

1. Streamlined Architecture: If you're building an app from scratch or running software on-prem, you'll have to independently configure and maintain the operating system, runtime, and dependencies of both the app layer and database layer. That can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take many months to get set up, not to mention ongoing costs and headaches to maintain. There are a lot of places to make mistakes, leaving your data less secure. With SheetRocks, we manage and maintain a secure stack — all you have to do is not publish your API Key (don't worry too much, if you do you can quickly rotate it out).

[In traditional architectures] there are a lot of places to make mistakes, leaving your data less secure

2. Best Practices From Birth: Older companies typically have security policies and practices that were cobbled together over decades, leaving a lot of gaps that malicious actors can exploit. We're a small team that has built a new platform with security best practices built-in from the beginning. In fact, we started our SOC-II process (a very strict compliance and security audit) before we even launched to early customers. This means security is baked into the DNA of our company and product— it's not an afterthought.

3. Restricted Data Access: Many of our customers migrate to SheetRocks as an upgrade from a legacy spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Excel. Legacy spreadsheets are very messy in terms of security, because legacy spreadsheet workflows typically involve sharing the workbook with a large number of people — increasing the likelihood of accidental exposure, inappropriate sharing, or even simple mistakes that ruin it for everyone. With SheetRocks, typically only a handful of admins have access to workbook itself— other teammates or clients interface with the data through a responsive, user-friendly app that limits what they can do to a very precise and appropriate set of allowable actions. This means your team or clients can do what they need to do (no more, no less!), while the admins rest easy knowing only they have access to the full workbook.

Security is baked into the DNA of our company and product— it's not an afterthought

We think our thorough and deliberate approach to security offers a really compelling alternative to more conventional solutions in our space, like building a new app from scratch or sharing a spreadsheet with a broad group.

If you have specific question about our approach to security, feel free to reach out.
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