Pathways: forensic psychology

We designed and built a custom billing tool for a forensic psychology firm who struggled with a complex, spreadsheet-based billing system. We built a spreadsheet backend with custom automations and billing logic as well as a white label front end with unique permissions rules.

Note: For privacy purposes, our client' name and any identifiable information has been changed.


The firm's billing process was previously convoluted, involving manual data entry into Google Sheets, complex calculations of commissions and gross receipts tax (GRT), and managing inconsistent timings of payments made. The system was not only inefficient but also prone to errors. Our client needed a system that would simplify and automate these processes, while also providing the option to scale the system in preparation for future growth.

The admin portal, which was to live within a SheetRocks spreadsheet, needed to have a dashboard, a list of all billed cases from all employees, a way to add users and manage their settings (salary minimums, commission goals, etc.), and an automation that would export the prior month's financial information to a CSV in a format compatible with Gusto.

The app needed to be both mobile and desktop friendly and include a (simpler) dashboard showing the individual's current metrics, a list of all the billed cases that user had submitted, and a way to enter (and edit/delete) case data including receipt uploads for reimbursable expenses.  

"The [old] process was a literal nightmare, it had fallen on me to manage and to figure it all out"


We began with the planning and design stage by auditing over the firm's old spreadsheets, identifying key areas for improvement, designing a new system, and applying the firm’s custom branding for a professional look/feel. We aimed to simplify the user interface and optimize the back-end data processing.Following this, leveraging AI assistance from Copilot, our engineer built the necessary forms, developed the automation and webhooks, and connected the front end to the back end, successfully creating a streamlined and efficient system.

4 screenshots of the mobile application on an Iphone 14, the custom form and the dashboard3 screenshots of the spreadsheet including the dashboard, the log of all cases, and the gusto report page

and Solutions

Understanding the client's unique billing logic was a significant hurdle. We had to first master the intricacies within their commission calculations, tax requirements, and variable case outcomes. To overcome these challenges, we paired with the client to make sure we fully understood the flow of formulas and ended up building conditional logic into our tool to meet the specific requirements of different case types and criteria.


Since the project's completion, the new system has already made a significant impact. The firm's owner has reported decreased workload and improved efficiency in the billing process. The staff are now able to easily track their performance, improving overall productivity.

In conclusion, the custom solution we built to precisely meet our client’s needs has transformed their operations, simplified their complex billing process, and provides a platform that can scale with their growth. We're proud of the work we've done, and look forward to helping other businesses achieve similar results!